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Nicholas Dickstein Law Firm is a boutique law firm with extensive experience specializing in the areas of tort, insurance, social security, Ministry of Defense and medical malpractice. Our firm offers its clients a wide range of legal services, consulting services and results-oriented representation services.

Our firm excels in the personal relationship to the client, in quick, focused and thorough treatment, and in what is most important – results for the client.

The main theme of our firm is to fight for the client, using the firm's vast experience, knowledge and excellence in order to give the client the full compensation and indemnity he deserves.

Our office reviews every case, and is assisted by reputable medical consultants, who examine the most effective and most likely path to the best outcome.

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The importance of representing a lawyer on a Social Security Medical Committee!
Recently, we were contacted by a client after he was involved in a work accident due to unusual mental stress. The client contacted us before contacting the National Insurance Institute for the exercise of his rights independently. The National Insurance Institute recognized the incident as a work accident and the client was subsequently summoned to a medical committee to determine his disability as a result of the accident. A Class A medical committee determined that as a result of the accident the client remained permanently disabled at the rate of 20%, but since the client had a previous mental state the committee deducted 15% so that as a result of the accident the client was prescribed only 5% disability, which does not provide any compensation from the National Insurance Institute. After our office reviewed the medical material, it was recommended that the client file an appeal against this erroneous decision. The appeals committee accepted our claims and set a disability rate of 20% permanently and deducted 5% for a prior medical condition. It also activated Regulation 15 in full due to a decline in client income after a Class A committee failed to do so. So the customer's medical disability was raised from 5% to 19%. As a result, the client received compensation of NIS 200,000 from National Insurance.
Due to the thorough and professional work of our office
A. An electrical technician by profession was injured in a work accident in his nose, through our office a claim was filed for National Insurance. A first-class medical board decided to determine that A had a disability of just 0%, on the grounds that he was not under medical supervision. After filing an appeal , the Appeals Committee accepted our claims and determined that A. had a 10% permanent disability. As a result, A received compensation in the framework of a one-time grant of NIS 40,000.
Personal Accident Insurance Claim
Over 50,000 NIS compensation from insurance before the statute of limitations! A woman who was involved in a car accident in 2019. We were treated in our office as part of a claim under the Compensation Law for Road Accident Victims. After completing the treatment, H. was asked if she had private policies and replied that she had but could not remember which insurance company. After a quick search through the Mount Insurance website, we located personal accident policies that were on the verge of obsolescence. (Two weeks prior to release). After a quick appeal to the insurer, it was agreed that Khat would be examined by a specialist who put her disability at 20 per cent for a neck injury. This ruling earned H. compensation of more than NIS 50,000.
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